6 things as soothing as popping bubble wrap

For some, popping bubble wrap can be relaxing. Here are 6 other simple activities to put a little more chill into your life.

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crossword puzzle crossword puzzle (Photo: djem / Shutterstock)

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Work on crossword puzzles

Some people do it to pass the time. Others have turned this otherwise solitary activity into a multi-player competition. There’s no right or wrong reason to do crossword puzzles; it’s one of the most popular sections of The New York Times, boasting millions of loyal followers who spend hours ruminating over the tricky clues. In its simplest form, the crossword puzzle is a brain-stimulating activity, one that encourages outside-the-box thinking and critical problem solving. Go ahead, immerse yourself in the deep process of figuring out that seven-letter word that’s a synonym of “potsticker." It's good for your noggin!

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