Who would win in these superhero battles?

Iron Man, Wonder Woman, Batman and more duke it out in our fantasy matchups.

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Supergirl vs. Wonder Woman Supergirl vs. Wonder Woman (Photo: Supergirl/CBS; Wonder Woman/DC Entertainment)

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Wonder Woman vs. Supergirl

Wonder Woman: A sweet personality coupled with psychic powers, impressive lasso skills and the ability to perform incredible feats of strength (Wonder Woman once bench-pressed 15,000 pounds) makes her a contender. And being able to captain your own invisible jet doesn't hurt.

Supergirl: She has few superpowers and is often accompanied by a magic cat and a former centaur equine companion. Meanwhile her alter ego, Linda Lee Danvers, changed careers several times – moving from jobs in news reporting to acting in a soap opera called "Secret Hearts." A new CBS series starting this fall will be dedicated to her superhero story.

The winner: Take one look at photos of Israeli actress Gal Gadot portraying the Amazonian superhero and we have no doubt that she wins this round. The action star put in a lot of work to get her body in shape for the role. She said her workout regimen would cover a wide range of disciplines, including kung fu, kickboxing, swords and jujitsu. She's also big into pilates, weightlifting and a suspension training system called TRX.

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