Which TV character's fashion sense do you have?

From '60s-era elegance and avant-garde chic to filterless free spirit and power player, find out whose style you relate to.

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Ilana in Broad City. Ilana in Broad City. (Photo: Comedy Central.)

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Ilana Wexler: Filterless free spirit

Ilana Wexler’s character in Comedy Central's "Broad City," played by American comedian Ilana Glazer, is an outrageously bold dresser and yet, like any other twentysomething living in New York City, she’s trying to look good on a budget. Much of her character’s wardrobe consists of vintage, Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters, and many pieces are worn more than once – typical in real life but practically unheard of in TV land. Her style is completely filterless and unique, which we adore about her. On a whim, she's liable to throw together a full-on tuxedo to a friend’s wedding one day, and a Lacey crop top with a ponytail extension or graphic leggings with a fanny pack the next. While some of her outfits are questionable for everyday, we can’t help but admire how Ilana confidently pulls each outfit off.

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