Which TV character's fashion sense do you have?

From '60s-era elegance and avant-garde chic to filterless free spirit and power player, find out whose style you relate to.

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Lara Axelrod Lara Axelrod (Photo: Billions/Showtime)

4 / 9

Lara Axelrod: Down to earth chic

Swedish-Canadian actress Malin Akerman portrays Lara Axelrod in Showtime's "Billions," the wife of hedge fund billionaire Bobby Axelrod. She plays the better half cool and confidently in more than a few high-stakes situations. Her style follows suit; Lara wears casual and elegant basics like cozy knits, sandy suede jackets, jeans with chic t-shirts and understated evening wear and jewelry. She may spend the bulk of her time behind the hedges, but Lara's style is anything but stuffy Hamptons pretense.

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