Which TV character's fashion sense do you have?

From '60s-era elegance and avant-garde chic to filterless free spirit and power player, find out whose style you relate to.

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Betty Draper. Betty Draper. (Photo: Mad Men/AMC)

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Betty Draper-Francis: Timeless elegance

The retro-chic drama "Mad Men" has sadly come to an end, but we're still lusting for housewife Betty Draper-Francis' entire wardrobe. Played by American actress January Jones, Betty's style is the epitome of fabulously on-point 1960s polish when both women and men dressed to the nines. Whether serving dinner to her children in the kitchen, attending lavish affairs with Don Draper and Henry Francis or wearing a nightgown to bed, Betty’s style was always all about presenting the very picture of perfection: beautifully tailored elegance. You'd stand out from the crowd throughout the summer wedding season wearing the vast majority of the dresses and gowns Betty wore.

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