Which TV character's fashion sense do you have?

From '60s-era elegance and avant-garde chic to filterless free spirit and power player, find out whose style you relate to.

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We’re often inspired by the outfits we see our favorite characters wear on TV. While most of us don’t have an unlimited wardrobe budget and a fleet of Hollywood stylists dressing us, watching our favorite characters on TV allows us to appreciate their unique styles and personalities. Seeing them helps us dream up ways we can work with what's hanging in the closet to try something different. Sometimes we even see a bit of our own style in these characters.

From '60s-era elegance and avant-garde chic to retro quirk and power player, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite TV characters' fashion sense; each selected for their unequivocally dynamic fashion choices. Find out which TV character possesses your personal style!

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