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Israeli actress Natalie Portman is a self-confessed foodie. Israeli actress Natalie Portman is a self-confessed foodie. (Photo: Jaguar PS / Shutterstock)

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The foodie: Natalie Portman

Enjoy nothing more than hitting the latest restaurant, listening to food podcasts, or staying in and cooking up a gourmet meal? Natalie Portman, the Israeli-American actress currently wowing critics in "Jackie," would likely agree. Just make sure there's a vegan option.

The Harvard graduate and star of the upcoming science fiction thriller "Annihilation" is a known proponent of a plant-based diet. As she explained in a 2013 interview, this doesn't stop her from seeking out new and delicious meals.

"I love all foods that can be vegan," she said. "We eat a lot of Thai food and a lot of Italian food. I definitely like eating. We have been going through Jonathon Gold’s. He’s a wonderful food writer in Los Angeles, so he has a list of like all the great restaurants in Los Angeles and we have been going through that."

Not surprisingly for someone who was discovered in a pizza parlor, Portman says the meal is one of her favorites.

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