8 video games we can't wait to play in 2018

The Wild West, Spider-Man and a new adventure with the forest spirit Ori all highlight a magical 2018 for gamers.

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A scene from the 'World War Z' video game. A scene from the 'World War Z' video game. (Photo: World War Z)

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'World War Z'

Based on the hit novel by American author Max Brooks, "World War Z" is a horror title that promises to place up to four players simultaneously in the middle of the unfolding zombie apocalypse.

Announced at the Game Awards 2017 and developed by American studio Saber Interactive, the title will have gamers scrambling to survive various missions against the undead all around the world. Cities such as New York, Moscow and Jerusalem are slated to make appearances, with outcomes decided not just on firepower, but also strategic use of traps, barriers and the environment.

"'World War Z' is a name synonymous with heart-pounding fear and action, and we’re excited to finally capture that energy in a fast-paced and gruesome experience crafted specifically for modern consoles and PC,” said Saber Interactive CEO Matt Karch.

"World War Z" is expected to swarm onto consoles sometime in 2018.

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