8 video games we can't wait to play in 2018

The Wild West, Spider-Man and a new adventure with the forest spirit Ori all highlight a magical 2018 for gamers.

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'Spider-Man' game on PS4. 'Spider-Man' game on PS4. (Photo: Sony)

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"Spider-Man," the beautifully realized upcoming PS4 exclusive from American studio Insomniac Games, aims to take Marvel's winning formula at the movies and apply it to video games.

Featuring an older, more experienced Peter Parker, the title follows Spider-Man as he defeats Wilson Fisk (the arch-enemy of Daredevil) and is forced to fight off the evil that springs up in the villain's absence. Unlike other games with Marvel characters, this one is not based on any particular comic book story.

"Our goal is just to do right by the character in what will be a fresh story, but also an authentic one for fans," James Stevenson, Sony's Community Manager, told RedBull.

Gamers will be able to complete missions related to the story or just web-sling around New York City and try out Spider-Man's acrobatic skills and upgraded suit. The title is expected to swing into retail in early 2018.

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