8 video games we can't wait to play in 2018

The Wild West, Spider-Man and a new adventure with the forest spirit Ori all highlight a magical 2018 for gamers.

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A scene from the teaser for 'The Last of Us: Part II.' A scene from the teaser for 'The Last of Us: Part II.' (Photo: Naughty Dog)

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'Last of Us: Part II'

While "The Last of Us: Part II" likely won't fall into the clutches of the ravenous living until 2019, we couldn't help but hope for the title to surprise everyone with a late 2018 holiday drop. As the recent winner of 'Most Anticipated Game' at the Game Awards 2017, it's clear that everyone's favorite zombie drama is ready to once more devour all gaming records.

During the recent Playstation Experience conference, creative director Neil Druckmann, the Israeli-American producer behind both "Last of Us" and the most recent "Uncharted" games, said that the sequel was "50%-60% complete" and slated for a huge gameplay reveal at E3 2018. "There are stakes – there are real stakes. With 'The Last of Us', no one is safe," he added.

Set three years after the first game, 'Part II' will primarily take place in the post-apocalyptic, digitally recreated city of Seattle, Wash., according to Druckmann. Despite the very bleak and violent trailers that have showed off the game's story, Naughty Dog says the title won't be all dark. "There is hope, there are light-hearted moments," promised Druckmann.

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