5 unusual film festivals around the world

From puppets to tasty dishes, some of the best film celebrations lie off the beaten path.

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London Dance Film Festival London Dance Film Festival (Photo: FRAME London Dance Film Festival /Facebook)

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London Dance Film Festival

Showcasing the best creative talent in dance and film, the London Dance Film Festival is an annual three-day event featuring more than 100 screenings, world premieres and dozens of panels and Q&A sessions with filmmakers.

"We believe that this is a rich, diverse and constantly evolving genre and one that deserves more exposure," the festival organizers explained.

Examples of classic dance films being shown at the 2016 festival include "42nd Street," "Fame" and the Gene Kelly classic, "Singin' in the Rain." In addition to live workshops and screenings of cutting-edge industry projects, awards will also be handed out for such categories as best animation, documentary and screen choreography.

The Dance Film Festival will also feature its celebrated "Big Dance Bus," a touring mobile dance experience that travels to "quirky places" in the U.K. and encourages the old and young to get up, dance in the streets and try a variety of styles from the tango to the waltz.

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