5 unusual film festivals around the world

From puppets to tasty dishes, some of the best film celebrations lie off the beaten path.

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Film Food Festival in New York City Film Food Festival in New York City (Photo: Film Food Festival /Facebook)

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Film Food Festival

Have you ever seen a meal on film and wondered in concert with your stomach what it tastes like? For the last 10 years in many cities around the world, the Film Food Festival has celebrated the dishes that make it onto the silver screen; treating attendees to something beyond the standard popcorn and a soda.

For instance, a recent screening in Chicago of Anthony Bourdain's "Parts Unknown" series featured breaded fried steak sandwiches, beef dishes, ice cream and craft beers. Nearly everything seen on screen was given to the audience to sample in their seats.

The festival also celebrates the art of food in filmmaking with awards honoring everything from best feature film to best food porn film. Nominated films this year included "Baby Got Kale," "Hungry for Love" and "The Cut," a film about cutting vegetables.

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