5 unusual film festivals around the world

From puppets to tasty dishes, some of the best film celebrations lie off the beaten path.

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International Docaviv Film Festival

Featuring a massive 10 days of screenings of approximately 100 films, the International Docaviv Film Festival in Tel Aviv, Israel, is one of the largest celebrations of documentary filmmaking in the world.

The festival also offers plenty of opportunities to go behind the curtain. Examples for this year's event, running May 19-28, include a master class with American filmmaker Ondi Timoner, the director behind the new Russell Brand documentary "Brand: A Second Coming," and a Q&A with Austrian filmmaker Nikolaus Geyrhalter, the man behind the nature doc "Homo Sapiens."

"I don’t think documentaries alone will change the world," organizer Sinai Abt said. "But I think they are important because they change the mentality, they change the way people think, they make people aware."

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