Makeup artist recreates Hollywood scenes ... on your eyelids

Tal Peleg reveals the inspiration behind 10 of her most famous must-see creations.

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Tal Peleg (at left) and some of her creations. Tal Peleg (at left) and some of her creations. (Photo: Courtesy)

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Peleg's inspiration

For those who saw "Beauty and the Beast" this weekend (or the animated version years ago), the scene of Belle and the Beast dancing has become seared in our memory. For Israeli-born artist Tal Peleg, she found another way to commemorate iconic scenes from her favorite movies.

With a specialty in eye makeup, the 31-year-old Peleg has turned those visions into intricate artwork. Her creations have attracted the attention of Katy Perry, Ryan Reynolds and others in Hollywood. Her Instagram and Facebook pages have nearly a million followers.

We reached Peleg at her Israeli studio to find out what 10 movies inspired her most.

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