Odeya Rush's rise to fame from 'Law & Order' to 'Lady Bird'

A photo retrospective of the actress as she continues to make her mark in Hollywood.

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Mila Kunis (L) and Odeya Rush (R) Mila Kunis (L) and Odeya Rush (R) (Photo: DFree/Shutterstock and Jaguar PS/Shutterstock)

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Doppelganger doubletake

No, your eyes don't deceive you. That's not two pictures of Odeya Rush wearing similar red dresses at two different events. On the left is Mila Kunis, best known for her role as Jackie in "That 70s Show." It seems almost unnecessary to point out the striking resemblance between the two starlets – especially when they're both wearing the same color (and similar style) dresses. So if Rush is looking for a (slightly) older and more established actress in mind to model herself after, let's just say she doesn't have very far to go.

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