7 movie sequels that outdid the original at the box office

With 'Star Wars' making box office history, we take a look at other times when lightning struck twice in Hollywood.

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Aliens Aliens (Photo: Aliens)

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"Aliens," the sequel to one of the scariest sci-fi films ever made, offered proof that even horror franchises can be critical darlings.

The 1986 film, which takes place 57 years after the events of the original, once again featured American actress Sigourney Weaver pitted against a race of hostile extraterrestrials. Weaver's performance coupled with James Cameron's direction resulted in a trip to outer space that critics praised of packing "a more visceral punch" over the original.

In addition to trumping the first "Alien" with over $85 million at the U.S. box office, "Aliens" also earned seven Academy Award nominations, including Best Actress for Weaver. In 2009, Empire Magazine voted it "the greatest film sequel of all time."


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