7 movie sequels that outdid the original at the box office

With 'Star Wars' making box office history, we take a look at other times when lightning struck twice in Hollywood.

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The Dark Knight The Dark Knight (Photo: The Dark Knight)

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'The Dark Knight'

While hints of the Joker at the end of "Batman Begins" were enough to make any superhero fan eager for the sequel, no one could quite anticipate the blockbuster juggernaut that would become "The Dark Knight."

Released in 2008, the film revolves around Batman's efforts to take down the psychotic Joker and associated criminals plaguing the city of Gotham. The film not only marked the return of British actors Christian Bale and Michael Cane, but also the last full performance by the late Australian actor Heath Ledger.

The film went on to gross more than $533 million at the box office, a stunning 160% improvement over the original. In recognition of his unsettling performance as the Joker, Ledger earned a posthumous Best Supporting Actor Oscar at the 81st Academy Awards.

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