7 movie sequels that outdid the original at the box office

With 'Star Wars' making box office history, we take a look at other times when lightning struck twice in Hollywood.

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The Mummy Returns The Mummy Returns (Photo: The Mummy Returns)

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'The Mummy Returns'

"The Mummy Returns," the aptly named sequel to the 1999 adventure horror film "The Mummy," reunited an international cast that included American actor Brendan Frasier, British stars Rachel Weisz and John Hannah, and Israeli actor Oded Fehr.

Set in the 1930s, the plot once again involved magical Egyptian artifacts, an undead army, and one very unhappy all-powerful mummy.

While critics were less than enchanted with the sequel, moviegoers were more than happy to have another adventure in Egypt. The film went on to make $202 million at the box office, a 30% improvement over the original.

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