Photos of the many brides of Dracula

Explore Hollywood's almost century-long relationship with the seductive undead of the Prince of Darkness.

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Van Helsing Van Helsing (Photo: Van Helsing)

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'Val Helsing'

The 2004 action adventure "Van Helsing," directed by American filmmaker Stephen Sommers, featured Dracula and his three brides attempting to bring their deceased children to life.

Spanish actress Elena Anaya, who will next go toe-to-toe with Israeli actress Gal Gadot in "Wonder Woman," says playing one of Dracula's undead brides involved arduous preparation.

"Ten hours of shooting, plus five hours of make-up, plus one-hour-and-a-half to remove the make-up, plus one hour to go back to the hotel and one hour to go back to the set," she told IGN.

Once in character, however, Anaya says she attempted to add some emotional layers to her role. "I tried to make this character like two different states; one is really human, and the other is a monster," she told "Half a bat, half a human. Because we are bats, we're flying. I tried to do the humanity, the human feeling and the heart that this bride has inside."

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