Photos of the many brides of Dracula

Explore Hollywood's almost century-long relationship with the seductive undead of the Prince of Darkness.

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Dracula brides Dracula brides (Photo: Van Helsing)

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Beauty, charm, and fangs...

Immortality can be a lonely existence, a fact we can't fault Dracula for remedying with the addition of loyal female companions. Known in vampiric lore as "the brides of Dracula," these undead ladies of the night use their flirtatious charms to seduce their victims and drain their blood. While they may disobey their master from time to time, the group is generally one big happy undead family.

"For some reason, vampires have to find love in order to stay alive and it's very similar," Italian actress Silvia Colloca, who starred as a bride in "Van Helsing," told "We've been together for 400 years, there is no reason why we should hate each other."

While we would definitely decline a second date, here are just a few of the blood-lusting brides of Dracula that have left their (teeth) marks on audiences over the decades.

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