9 legendary beards of Hollywood

If there was an annual award for 'Best Beard,' these actors would win every time.

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Flash Gordon Flash Gordon (Photo: Flash Gordon)

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Brian Blessed in 'Flash Gordon'

British actor Brian Blessed's characteristic beard was used to great effect for the barrel-chested role of Prince Vultan in the 1980 film "Flash Gordon." Starring Israeli Chaim Topol as Dr. Hans Zarkov and American Sam Jones as Flash Gordon, the sci-fi adventure is today widely considered a cult classic.

“I see in reviews that 'Flash Gordon' now gets five stars and six stars, whereas ten years ago it was three stars and two stars – so people are beginning to appreciate it," Blessed said last year. "It isn’t camp, it has a great comic strip style, and it’s spot-on with capturing that and the sense of humor.”

Besides his beard and epic wings as prince of the Hawkmen, Blessed is also fondly remembered for booming the now-iconic catchphrase of "Gordon's alive!"

"My line, 'Gordon’s alive!' – it’s a cry for life," he said. "I said it to the Prime Minister the other day, he asked me to say it loudly. The Queen wanted me to shout it. Everyone wants to hear me say, 'Gordon’s alive!'"

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