From Harvard to Hollywood, the inspiring career of Natalie Portman

A photo tour of the passion, education and drive behind one of film's biggest international stars.

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Jackie Kennedy and Natalie Portman Jackie Kennedy and Natalie Portman (Photo: Why Not Productions/Getty Images)

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Playing 'Jackie'

One fashion icon plays another. Portman's set to star in the 2017 biopic "Jackie," focusing on the life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis after her husband John F. Kennedy's death, as she struggled with grief in the public eye while raising two children and, eventually, remarrying.

Much like her beloved character, Portman has drawn wide acclaim for her fashion sense, presenting on the Red Carpet as a classic, poised beauty with charm to match.

It's too soon to say whether, or how, Portman's portrayal of Onassis will differ from the previous eight adaptations, but one thing's for sure – Portman's sure got the look down.

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