From Harvard to Hollywood, the inspiring career of Natalie Portman

A photo tour of the passion, education and drive behind one of film's biggest international stars.

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Natalie Portman Natalie Portman (Photo: Free the Children)

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A passion to help animals and people

A vegan for more than just the health benefits, Portman is also a strong supporter of animal rights. She is a strong supporter of the animal-friendly Stella McCartney fashion collection. In 2007, the actress even launched her own line of luxury vegan footwear.

Her most recent passion is supporting a charity called Free The Children, which seeks to provide equal access to education for children all around the world. Portman says she was inspired to become involved in girls' education because of the impact it can have on so many future aspects of life.

"The knowledge gained will delay the age at which a woman has her first child, reduce the number of children per women, and ensure that each child is better sheltered, educated and fed," she said.

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