From Harvard to Hollywood, the inspiring career of Natalie Portman

A photo tour of the passion, education and drive behind one of film's biggest international stars.

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Natalie Portman Natalie Portman (Photo: magicinfoto / Shutterstock)

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A legend in the making

From her turn as a queen who falls for one of cinema's great intergalactic villains to her literal turns as a tormented ballerina in "Black Swan," the Oscar-winning career of Natalie Portman is a reflection of her talent, grace and passion as an actress.

Look off-camera, however, and you'll discover that this 34-year-old Israeli-American actress lives a life just as challenging and varied as the roles she plays on screen. Education, family, health and a desire to give back and help others are all cornerstones that just happen to include a successful career in Hollywood.

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