Season 8 predictions: The fate of every major 'Game of Thrones' character

Will your favorite character die in the final season? Here are our odds and expert predictions.

2 / 21
2 / 21

Cersei Lannister

Her goal of attaining the Iron Throne is achieved, but we're of the mind that Cersei Lannister's reign will be but a footnote in the history scrolls of Westeros.

Played with malicious cunning by British actress Lena Headey, Cersei is presently estranged from her lover/brother Jaime Lannister and begrudgingly entwined in an alliance with her enemies to defeat the undead White Walkers. While we have no doubt of her skills in fending off or eliminating any threats to her position, there is one character who may yet prove her undoing.

Arya Stark, played by British star Maisie Williams, still has Cersei at the top of her list of "people who must die." As a trained assassin of the "Faceless Men," the current rumor is that Arya will be the one to remove the Queen from the throne.

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