Season 8 predictions: The fate of every major 'Game of Thrones' character

Will your favorite character die in the final season? Here are our odds and expert predictions.

19 / 21
19 / 21

Samwell Tarly

With many considering Samwell the beating heart of the "Thrones" franchise, there's good reason to believe fans will raise hell if the writers decide to kill him off in season 8.

The character, played by English actor John Bradley, has gone from good-natured bookworm of the Night's Watch to a trusted confidant and intrepid researcher for Jon Snow. With the Watch seemingly destroyed at the end of season 7 with the breach of the Wall by White Walkers, it's clear that Samwell will be free to choose his own fate in the episodes ahead.

For us, we think Samwell is not only a decent candidate to survive to the end of the series, but also one to take on a leadership role. There are even rumors he might be bestowed the title of "Warden of the South" should Jon and Daenerys be successful in their campaign for the Iron Throne. Either way, as long as he lives to enjoy a life with Gilly and her son, such knowledge will be a salve against the carnage to come.

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