The secrets behind 7 famous superhero suits

From Wonder Woman to Daredevil, superheroes would not be nearly as cool without their iconic supersuits.

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The suit worn by the superhero Daredevil. The suit worn by the superhero Daredevil. (Photo: Daredevil)

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While Daredevil, played by British actor Charlie Cox in the Netflix series, relies almost exclusively on enhanced senses to defeat his enemies, his suit offers crucial protection for when things go wrong.

In order to keep the suit lightweight, it features varying levels of protection. The black areas, which cover the major organs, offer protection from bullets while the red areas will effectively stop a knife. Daredevil's helmet, however, is made from a "carbon nanotube-based alloy" that is described as nearly indestructible.

Unlike the other superhero suits on our list, Cox says this one was a joy to slip into.

"It’s great, man, I find it very comfortable," he told Nylon. "It allows me to do all the stuff I want to do. And also it feels pretty badass, I’m not going to lie."

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