The secrets behind 7 famous superhero suits

From Wonder Woman to Daredevil, superheroes would not be nearly as cool without their iconic supersuits.

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The suit of the Green Goblin as seen in 'Spider-Man.' The suit of the Green Goblin as seen in 'Spider-Man.' (Photo: Spider-Man)

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Green Goblin

Often compared to looking like something out of the "Power Rangers" superhero franchise, the Green Goblin suit was created by Norman Osborn at Oscorp.

While not as advanced as Iron Man's exoskeleton, the Goblin's iconic green suit does have a few integrated high-tech features. These include chain mail in the tunic to protect from high-impact punches, finger blasters that can shock or blind assailants, and small jets in the boots that enable hovering. His menacing helmet also includes a built-in gas filter to protect the user from chemical attacks.

According to "A Cure for Wellness" star Dane DeHaan, who played the Green Goblin in Israeli producer Avi Arad's "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," one thing the green suit lacks is an air conditioner.

"That set was 110 degrees Fahrenheit at least, and I was wearing a 50-pound suit," DeHaan said during a press event. "They were literally pouring buckets of ice water down my suit in between takes, and it was turning to steam before we started again. That was physically challenging."

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