The secrets behind 7 famous superhero suits

From Wonder Woman to Daredevil, superheroes would not be nearly as cool without their iconic supersuits.

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The suit from the 'Iron Man' film franchise. The suit from the 'Iron Man' film franchise. (Photo: Iron Man)

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Iron Man

Ever since Iron Man, played by American actor Robert Downey Jr., first appeared on the silver screen in 2008, audiences have been treated to a wide range of different and increasingly advanced versions of the superhero's suit.

While every suit contains the same basic gadgets like flight, rockets and the ability to lift up to 100 tons, there are some variations made for specific environments. These include a space suit, a black stealth suit and even a suit capable of diving more than three miles underwater. The latter included integrated turbines for speed, mini-torpedoes and a kind of ink akin to an octopus to confuse and blind enemies.

Sometimes, Stark's suits are used by other well-known comic characters. Over the decades since his first appearance in 1963, these have included such names as Norman Osborne, Mary Jane Watson, Deadpool and the bearded, clawed superhero Wolverine.

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