The secrets behind 7 famous superhero suits

From Wonder Woman to Daredevil, superheroes would not be nearly as cool without their iconic supersuits.

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Venom Venom (Photo: Marvel)

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One of the comic world's most celebrated super villains, Venom is an alien symbiote who literally becomes a suit for whatever host he attaches to. In return, Venom imbues the host with enhanced abilities such as superhuman strength, speed, endurance, agility, intelligence and much more.

Even more impressive, Venom can recall the powers of other superheroes it has bonded with, giving ordinary people abilities akin to Spider-Man, Flash Thompson and other Marvel characters.

Unfortunately, having Venom as a parasite comes with its disadvantages. In addition to sometimes controlling the mind of its host, the alien also tends to wrap the victim's personality into something more vicious.

We'll see what Sony has in store for the Venom character when Israeli producer Avi Arad brings the first solo film about the alien parasite to the big screen sometime in 2018.

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