Films that will dominate Hollywood in 2018

Superheroes, smugglers, dinosaurs and more will combine to make the coming year one of the most exciting and thrilling in cinematic history.

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Venom in 'Spider-Man 3'. Venom in 'Spider-Man 3'. (Photo: Spider-Man 3)

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Featuring an all-star cast that includes British actor Tom Hardy, Riz Ahmed, and American star Michelle Williams, "Venom" is shaping up to offer a gritty, dark side to the Marvel cinematic universe.

The film, directed by American Ruben Fleischer and produced by Avi Arad, a prolific Hollywood filmmaker, will focus on Hardy as Eddie Brock, a disgruntled journalist who bonds with an alien symbiote and receives incredible super powers. Together, the two species become Venom.

While the plot details, rumored to be based off a six-issue limited comic series, are still officially under wraps, we do know that Hardy has been physically transforming his body for the role. For the last several months, the "Revenant" star has been training up to five times a day in mixed martial arts.

"Venom" is slated for release on Oct. 5, 2018.

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