Films that will dominate Hollywood in 2018

Superheroes, smugglers, dinosaurs and more will combine to make the coming year one of the most exciting and thrilling in cinematic history.

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Natalie Portman in 'Annihilation'. Natalie Portman in 'Annihilation'. (Photo: Annihilation)

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Based on the best-selling book by American author Jeff VanderMeer, "Annihilation" tells the story of an all-woman team of researchers sent to investigate a mysterious environmental disaster zone on Earth known as Area X.

Directed by British filmmaker Alex Garland, best-known for the artificial intelligence thriller "Ex Machina," the film features an all-star cast that includes Israeli-American Natalie Portman, Swedish actress Tuva Novotny, and American actress Tessa Thompson.

"There’s a sort of dream-state aspect to that that I found incredibly alluring and hypnotic, and it’s that that’s pulled me in to 'Annihilation', I think," Garland said. "The premise and the atmosphere and a very particular thing about the ending as well."

"Annihilation," already shaping up to be one one of 2018's most surreal films visually, will reveal its secrets in theaters on February 23rd.

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