Films that will dominate Hollywood in 2018

Superheroes, smugglers, dinosaurs and more will combine to make the coming year one of the most exciting and thrilling in cinematic history.

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The cast of 'Star Wars: Han Solo.' The cast of 'Star Wars: Han Solo.' (Photo: Star Wars: Han Solo)

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Ready, set, popcorn!

With 2017 was undeniably defined by Israeli actress Gal Gadot and the inspiring success of "Wonder Woman," it's time to gaze into our crystal ball and divine the films that will rule the box office in 2018.

While superhero films once more dominate the tea leaves, a few surprises involving dinosaurs, a classic rock singer and even a new "Star Wars" adventure lie in wait. Grab that popcorn, dim the lights and walk with us behind the curtain of Hollywood 2018.

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