7 Hollywood female spies who always save the day

From Sydney Bristow to Jane Smith, these undercover agents prove that espionage may be best left to a woman.

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Angelina Jolie in a scene from "Mr. and Mrs. Smith." Angelina Jolie in a scene from "Mr. and Mrs. Smith." (Photo: Regency Enterprises)

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Jane Smith from 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith'

Yes, another movie starring Angelina Jolie as a spy. Her turn, however, as Jane Smith in "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" is just too good to gloss over.

The film, helmed by American director Doug Liman and Arnon Milchan, a legendary Hollywood producer from Israel, tells the story of a bored suburban couple who lead double secret lives as assassin spies.

Jolie, who reportedly beat out rock star Gwen Stefani for the role, says she was proud to take on a strong female character.

“I learned something about myself through playing her," she added. "It is important for women to feel strong on their own, but it’s great to be involved with a film where a man and woman need each other and are better when they are together.”

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