9 character actors seemingly everywhere in Hollywood

From that guy in 'Star Wars: Rogue One' to that gal on 'Daredevil,' these are the actors who keep us guessing from role to role.

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Molly Parker Molly Parker (Photo: Shutterstock / Various TV/Film stills)

6 / 10

Molly Parker

Before her Emmy-nominated run on Netflix's "House of Cards," Canadian actress Molly Parker earned critical praise for her roles in such dramas as "Deadwood," "Six Feet Under" and "Dexter." On film, you've likely seen her in the survival thriller "The Road," the nightmare-inducing "The Wicker Man" and the political drama "American Pastoral."

Parker, a former ballet dancer, says her approach to discovering a character is a bit outside the norm. "I'm probably an actor that tends to, instead of putting things on, think about it more in terms of taking away what's not in the character, until I'm left with what is," she told the U.K. Guardian. "... the end of any movie is a readjustment."

In addition to recently completing the first season of Amazon's new law drama "Goliath," Parker will appear next in Netflix's adaptation of Stephen King's haunting "1922," as well as blasting off for a television reboot of the 1960's series "Lost in Space."

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