9 character actors seemingly everywhere in Hollywood

From that guy in 'Star Wars: Rogue One' to that gal on 'Daredevil,' these are the actors who keep us guessing from role to role.

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Jimmi Simpson characters Jimmi Simpson characters (Photo: Shutterstock / Various TV/Film stills)

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Jimmi Simpson

From a talented hacker on Netflix's "House of Cards" to an ethics professor on HBO's "The Newsroom," Jimmi Simpson is the latest character actor to seemingly be everywhere. The American star, who got his start in the teen comedy "Loser," says television has shifted in how it entertains the masses.

"TV has historically been a mindless salve for the end of the day – a lullaby of sorts," he said. "Thoughtful television is now using this tried medium not as a pacifier for the people, but as a way to engage us and move our culture forward."

Simpson's latest head-turning role is on HBO's "Westworld," where he plays a regular guy experiencing a Wild West amusement park staffed by humanoid robots.

“I’m normally jumping out of the closet and scaring people,” he told Variety. “I didn’t expect to play anything other than the variety of cool parts I’ve had. To be able to try my hand at playing a real human boy was just not something I expected anyone to let me do.”

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