8 celebrities who are surprisingly talented artists

From Emma Watson to James Franco, here are several artists who are drawn from the camera to the canvas.

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Steven Tyler Art Steven Tyler Art (Photo: Steven Tyler)

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Steven Tyler

American rock legend Steven Tyler, best known as the frontman for Aerosmith, also takes a bit of time between performances to pursue his art passion.

According to Lorrie's Pop Life Art Blog, Tyler has been showing and selling his paintings for the last several years, with a very definite theme running through each collection.

"For Steven, the skull is the box that contains your brain, the most essential part of the body," Célébrités Galleries owner Gerard Marti, who sells Tyler's work, told the site. "It’s also a symbol of power, and eternity, when the body decomposes, the skull stays forever.”

You can check out some of Tyler's other artistic takes on the human skull here.

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