8 celebrities who are surprisingly talented artists

From Emma Watson to James Franco, here are several artists who are drawn from the camera to the canvas.

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Emma Watson self-portrait Emma Watson self-portrait (Photo: Emma Watson)

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Emma Watson

British actress Emma Watson, who has previously extended her talents beyond the screen to fashion design, is also skilled with a brush.

In 2011, during a tour of Watson's home, Vogue journalist Amanda Foreman noted an impressive piece of art that stood out from the others. It is a self-portrait of Emma holding a camera," she described. "The lens is aimed menacingly at the viewer, like the barrel of a gun, a neat illustration of what we had just experienced at the Tate."

While Watson has kept fairly private about her own pursuits in the world of art, she did reveal that it's a very important piece of her character. “I love it and have a need to do it,” she told Foreman.

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