8 celebrities who are surprisingly talented artists

From Emma Watson to James Franco, here are several artists who are drawn from the camera to the canvas.

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James Franco Fat Staillion James Franco Fat Staillion (Photo: James Franco)

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James Franco

American actor James Franco says he discovered his passion for painting in high school, a coming-of-age transition that is a major theme in his artwork. "It's when I started getting interested in all of the things that I’m in interested in now," he told Dazed. "It's where I can see the seeds for everything that made me or everything that I rebelled against."

The 38-year-old's artwork vacillates between the eclectic and the adorable. In 2015, he released a collection of art pieces of fat animals because, as one gallery owner related him saying, "no one ever paints ugly or fat animals." Franco says several of the pieces were done by his own hand, while others were created by painting over captured images or with the assistance of a pet painter.

"It’s the freedom of making something that doesn’t need to entertain, that isn’t going to be tallied up in the box-office tolls," added Franco to Vulture.

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