7 books to read before you binge the TV show

From 'Game of Thrones' to 'Genius,' these TV series are best enjoyed first as page-turners.

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The book cover for 'American Gods'. The book cover for 'American Gods'. (Photo: American Gods)

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'American Gods'

Written by British author Neil Gaiman, "American Gods" is a 2001 fantasy novel that posits a world where ancient gods are in conflict with new, including powerful rising stars like media, celebrity and technology.

Gaiman, who describes his novel as "a huge sprawling, picaresque novel about America and its imagination," says that one of the best parts of the book is its longevity.

"There will be something else there you probably won’t get on the first reading that will be waiting for you," he said. "If 'American Gods' works, it’s like a magic trick, it’s like a sequence of magic tricks."

Once you're done reading the book once (or twice), you can tune in to Starz to binge-watch all eight episodes of season 1.

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