7 books to read before you binge the TV show

From 'Game of Thrones' to 'Genius,' these TV series are best enjoyed first as page-turners.

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The cover of 'Orange is the New Black' novel. The cover of 'Orange is the New Black' novel. (Photo: Orange is the New Black)

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'Orange is the New Black'

"Orange is the New Black," a 2010 memoir by American Piper Kerman, revolves around the author's year in a federal women's prison after being convicted for money laundering and drug trafficking. Kerman says she was driven to go public with her experience behind bars after receiving so much interest from family and friends.

"Even before I sat down to write, as soon as I got home, people wanted to hear – in great detail – about the experience," she told SmithMag. "There was a clear appetite for insight into this hidden world, which was really encouraging. I think people are fascinated by prison. And the very dramatic fact of transgression and punishment is engrossing, regardless of whether it’s men or women."

Kerman encourages fans of the popular Netflix series to check out the book first, as she admits there are "tremendous liberties" taken with the adaptation.

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