8 films that will rule Hollywood in 2017

From 'Wonder Woman' to 'Star Wars,' these are the movie adventures we'll experience at the theater next year.

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Beauty and the Beast Beauty and the Beast (Photo: Beauty and the Beast)

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'Beauty and the Beast'

Just how widely anticipated is the live adaptation of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast"? The first teaser trailer for the film pulled in a whopping 127.6 million views around the world in just 24 hours, besting all previous records.

Directed by American filmmaker Will Condon, the film stars British actress Emma Watson as Belle, English star Dan Stevens as the Beast and Welsh actor Luke Evans as the vain and villainous Gaston.

“When the property is this well known, there’s an extra responsibility in trying to get it right," Condon said of the expectations he's facing to do the beloved animated classic justice. "As long as you come at it with a certain affection, you just have to hope that your decisions make sense to everyone else.”

In addition to all of the songs from the original film, composer Alan Menken has also created three new pieces for the live action version. "He’s gone completely back inside the music he wrote the first time, and they fit in effortlessly,” added Condon.

"Beauty and the Beast" is set for release on March 17.

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