8 films that will rule Hollywood in 2017

From 'Wonder Woman' to 'Star Wars,' these are the movie adventures we'll experience at the theater next year.

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Logan Logan (Photo: Logan)

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Fans of the Wolverine eager to see a grittier, R-rated version of the clawed character will get their wish with "Logan."

The film, starring Australian Hugh Jackman in his final performance as the Marvel superhero, features an aging Logan whose iconic healing abilities are starting to fail.

"We imagined he heals quickly, still, but it leaves a scar," American director James Mangold told Empire. "The simple idea was that his body would start to get a little more ravaged with a kind of tattooing of past battles, lacerations that remain of previous conflicts.”

To get into shape for his swan song as Wolverine, Jackman transformed his body – eating a minimum of six meals per day and three hours of workouts.

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