Best video games for those who love action adventure

Looking to escape into the boots of a fortune hunter or under the cape of a 19th century avenger? We have some glorious suggestions.

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Batman: Arkham Knight Batman: Arkham Knight (Photo: Rocksteady Studios)

8 / 8

'Batman: Arkham Knight'

Gamers looking to envelope themselves in a comic book world come to life should check out Rocksteady Studio's 2015 blockbuster "Batman: Arkham Knight."

Featuring the gorgeously realized open-world environment of Gotham City on Halloween night, "Arkham Knight" pits Batman against the notorious Scarecrow and several other classic villains. In addition to cruising around the streets using the Batmobile, the Caped Crusader can also glide over the cityscape and dispatch bad guys using a wide array of high-tech gadgets.

"We’ve finally got the chance to show what the whole of Gotham City looks like in the Arkhamverse, and it’s huge; full of massive skyscrapers, grimy alleyways and glaring neon," English director Sefton Hill said. "And rain – we’ve spent a lot of time making the rain feel just right!

In addition to stunning graphics and gameplay, "Arkham Knight" also features the voice talents of Mark Hamill, John Noble, Kevin Conroy, and Ashley Greene.

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