Best video games for those who love action adventure

Looking to escape into the boots of a fortune hunter or under the cape of a 19th century avenger? We have some glorious suggestions.

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Journey game Journey game (Photo: Thatgamecompany)

5 / 8


"Journey," by American studio Thatgamecompany, offers players an interactive experience through a magical world unlike any other.

The story, told wordlessly through gameplay and cutscenes, follows a mysterious robbed figure as he or she navigates a sand-swept land towards a mountain on the horizon. A haunting, stirring soundtrack by American composer Austin Wintory further adds to the game's atmosphere.

"I think words complicate things," Chinese game designer and "Journey" creator Jenova Chen said. "Our vocabulary is limited. There are words that exist in one language and not in another language. It creates barriers that keep us from understanding each other."

In addition to becoming the fastest-selling title ever on the Playstation Network, "Journey" also won many "Game of the Year" honors and also scored a Grammy nomination for its soundtrack; the first-ever for a video game.

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