Art-savvy cities around the world

Art is alive and well in these 7 capitals of creativity.

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The Louvre, Paris The Louvre, Paris (Photo: mary416 / Shutterstock)

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It is difficult not to include Paris on any art-related list. Home to the Louvre, the world-famous museum that takes several full days to explore, Paris is a haven for the classical arts. The neighborhood galleries of the City of Lights are where modern creativity can be found. New galleries are opening almost weekly in Paris. Nonprofit organizations and art-minded community centers mean that painting, sculpture and the other creative media are not just for the city's elites. 

Beyond the Louvre, the National Museum of Modern Art, at the offbeat Pampidou Center and the Paris City Museum of Modern Art  have collections to rival any modern art museums on the continent. New museums like the FIAC (Foire Internationale d'Art Contemporain) prove that the contemporary arts scene is more than a mere fad in Paris. 


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