Art-savvy cities around the world

Art is alive and well in these 7 capitals of creativity.

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The East Side Art Gallery, Berlin The East Side Art Gallery, Berlin (Photo: ilolab / Shutterstock)

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Berlin, Germany

Berlin has one of the coolest and most accessible arts scenes in Europe. Museums abound, but it is underground art galleries, street art and contemporary arts centers that give the German capital its creative buzz.

The Klunkerkranich is a performance space housed in a converted concrete parking garage. The Sammlung Boros, meanwhile, sits in a 1940s bunker. This space features works by local artists and internationally known creatives like Ai Wei. One of the most interesting Berlin art phenomena is Mobile Kino, a mobile theater that screens movies around the city. 

One of the remaining sections of the Berlin Wall has been converted into an outdoor gallery space. Dubbed the East Side Gallery, it has become one of the most popular attractions in the city, visited by art lovers and curious sightseers alike. 

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