Art-savvy cities around the world

Art is alive and well in these 7 capitals of creativity.

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Street art graces the corner of a Tel Aviv street. Street art graces the corner of a Tel Aviv street. (Photo: annaspies / Flickr)

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The world's best destinations for art lovers

Beyond the standard art museums, the real celebration of a city's creativity can be found in neighborhood galleries and at special cultural events. A place's art savviness is best measured by the prevalence of public art in all its forms, from murals and graffiti to outdoor sculptures. 

Artists are always seeking out places where their work is appreciated and where the local community will support and celebrate them. This is why some cities that have traditionally been considered havens for the arts are not as culturally exciting as they once were, and why others are receiving more buzz than ever before. Here are seven destinations with modern arts scenes that are especially vibrant and creative. 

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