The coolest Einstein public art on the planet

Albert Einstein continues to be celebrated with public artworks around the world.

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Albert Einstein Max Bill monument. Albert Einstein Max Bill monument. (Photo: Wikipedia)

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Design Einstein

Max Bill was a renowned practitioner of the Bauhaus aesthetic, and that movement's minimalist design elements are on display in this monument to Albert Einstein. Bill built the piece on the very spot that Einstein's home once stood.

Today the Einstein House has been rebuilt nearby and is home to the Ulm Adult Education Center.

Though Einstein lived in Ulm, Germany for but a year of his life, a statement of his is often cited as to the importance the place held to him.

“The city of birth will be as much a unique part of your life as your descent from your mother. We owe part of our being to our city of birth. Therefore I have grateful memories of Ulm as it represents a liaison of refined artistic tradition and simple, healthy character."

Einstein's presence in Ulm isn't limited to landmarks and abstract art. Jürgen Goertz’s witty bronze fountain on the other side of town shows a more lighthearted take on Einstein, presenting him as a wild-haired, wild child.

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