The intriguing life of movie producer Arnon Milchan

From 'Pretty Woman' to 'The Revenant,' Milchan is an iconic Hollywood heavyweight unlike any other.

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Harry Potter Harry Potter (Photo: Warner Bros.)

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The one massive film he wishes he hadn't passed on

While Milchan has had the great success to produce more than 135 films during his decades-long career in Hollywood, there are a handful of massive hits he regrets letting slip through his fingers. The biggest involved a certain boy wizard.

"The agent of the writer of that book told my secretary in Israel, 'Listen, I've got something new in galleys. Send it to Arnon before anybody sees it, and I think he can get it for a $35,000 option.' And he sent it to us and we decided it's not going to work," he shared. "Name is Harry Potter."

Milchan says that when he later realized his error, he jokingly wasn't sure if he wanted to vomit or kill himself for missing out on one of the largest film franchises in history. "Probably both," he quipped.

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